Devotion Boiler Introduces Ali Cloud ET Industrial Boiler, Boilers Are Smarter, More Energy-Saving, More Environmental Friendly

2018-07-02 15:47:28

Devotion Boiler Introduces Ali Cloud ET Industrial Boiler

---Boilers become smarter, more Energy-Saving, Environmental Friendly

On the occasion of the Guangzhou Fortune Global Forum, Ali Cloud will rely on the large-scale backbone enterprises and industrial clusters in the region to integrate the ET industrial brain and manufacturing industries to create a number of industrial Internet demonstration projects and promote them nationwide.

At present, Ali Cloud has basically reached cooperation intent with the leading domestic Devotion Boiler Group in boiler manufacturing and operation.

Devotion Boiler win with Ali Cloud

Devotion Group: Relying on Ali Cloud to Solve Difficult Business Problems

Devotion Group is a listed company that provides heat energy operation services and thermal energy equipment manufacturing. The cooperation with Ali Cloud relies on Ali Cloud's cloud computing capabilities and the “plus-plus” big data computing platform, and takes ET industrial brain as its carrier, integrating artificial intelligence technology and Ali's self-developed brain-like cognitive analytic technology to solve the problem. Devotion Boiler's "supply, research, production, sales" tricky business problems.

By collecting, synchronizing, uploading, and accessing relevant data from the Devotion line, we build a unified data asset for the company. Starting from actual business needs and pain points, we use data mining, machine learning, and other technologies to synthesize the multidimensional perception of the ET industrial brain. Global insight, real-time decision-making, and continuous evolution capabilities, providing solutions based on artificial intelligence, and comprehensively improving the operational efficiency of the Devotion Group in terms of equipment utilization, smart production, process optimization, and energy management.

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  • Industrial Steam Boiler Manufacturer

    Horizontal Gas Fired Steam Boilers

    DEVOTION WNS series Gas Steam Boilers are internally fired, three-pass and wet back shell boilers. Rated output(ton/hour): 0.5,1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,15,20 Customer tailored design is available.

  • Vertical Small Gas Or Diesel Oil Steam Boilers

    Vertical Steam Boiler

    Devotion LSS Vertical Steam Boilers are available under 2 ton per hour. Rated steam output ranges 0.3, 0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.5, 2 tons per hour Applicable with fuel of light oil, heavy oil, natural gas and LPG Features:  small footprint, easy to install, small water volume and quick start-up

  • Oil Fired Steam Boiler For Factories

    Horizontal Oil Fired Steam Boilers

    Devotion Oil Steam Boilers are cost effective, reliable and endurable thanks to the designed with internationally tried and test three pass wetback structure, and lower combustions chamber. Available with capacity ranges from 0.5 TPH to 20 TPH. Fuel type: light diesel, heavy oil, natural gas, LPG Optional with IOL system enables boiler operation more effective, economical and safer.

  • Water Tube Steam Boilers and Hot Water Boilers

    Water Tube Steam or Hot Water Boilers

    For Water tube Hot Water Boilers of capacity over 10 ton per hour and pressure above 1.6Mpa, Devotion SZS Water Tube Boilers are recommended. Devotion SZS Water Tube Boilers include: Saturated Steam Boilers Overheated Steam Boilers Hot Water Boilers

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    Industrial Autoclaves

    Application of autoclave The autoclave is large steam curing equipment. It can be used for steam curing sand bricks, fly ash bricks, aerated concrete blocks, high strength cement electric pole, concrete piles and other cement products. Besides, it can also be used for wood, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, glass, insulation materials and fishing net processing industries.

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