Say NO To Boiler Blast!

2018-06-15 17:43:50

Say NO To Boiler Blast!

What matters for a steam boiler? Reliability, top above everything else!

Just days ago, in Bangladesh, a boiler blast took place and seriously injured the operators on duty. While we are praying for the injured people and wish them good health soon, we would like to discuss how to make and run a boiler a boiler safely.

As energy conversion equipment, the boiler is widely used for such industrial sectors as electric power, machinery, chemical engineering, light industry, textile, papermaking, transportation and our daily life. However, flaws in designs and manufacturing as well as inappropriate operation or maintenance would result in defects in diversified forms. In case the hidden problem can’t be found and removed, reliability of the boiler will be endangered.

(1) Though the structure of boilers or pressure vessels is simple, the stresses they might undertake are rather sophisticated;

(2) The working and service conditions are complicated;

(3) Running overloaded;

(4) Vulnerable to corrosion by the working medium.

If the boilers are not well managed and used inadequately, there are very high chances to have accidents, like boiler blast, damaging the plant and facilities, and even casualty.

How does Devotion make a reliable boiler? It is designed in strict compliance with  national codes and regulations.

I. Design safety

DEVOTION oil and gas-fired boiler are designed and calculated in strict accordance with the requirement of national and industrial standard. The burner, pressurized parts and control system use products by world-noted manufacturers.  Redundancy setting on the critical parts can guarantee boiler’s safe and stable operation. In designing boilers, Devotion observes the most stringent national standards for boiler, to name a few as follows:

A. Technical Condition for Industrial Boiler;

B. Technical Conditions for Small-scale Boiler and Normal-Pressure Hot Water Boiler

C. Water Quality of Industrial Boiler

D. Quality Standard on Sound Environment;

E. Strength Calculation on Pressurized Elements for Water Tube Boiler;

F. Emission Standard on Ambient Noise at the Factory Boundary of Industrial Enterprise;

G. Emission Standard on Atmospheric Pollutants for Boiler

H. Strength Calculation on Pressurized Elements for Shell Boiler;

I. Code for Design of Boiler House;

J. Construction and Acceptances Specification of Boiler Installation Engineering

K. Technical Specification on Construction and Acceptance for Electric Power Construction;

L. Technical Conditions on Hydraulic Test of Boiler

M. Technical Conditions on Welding for Pressurized Components of Boiler

N. Technical conditions on Boiler Painting and Outsourcing

O. Acceptance Regulations for Materials used for Boiler

P. Non-destructive Test for Pressure-bearing Equipment

Q. Operation Regulation for Industrial Boiler

R. Compilation Method on Product Model for Industrial Boiler

S. Technical Conditions on Smokebox and Steel Chimney for Industrial Boiler

T. Technical Conditions for Boiler Steel Structure

U. Seamless Steel Tube used for Fluid Conveying

II. Manufacturing safety

Each DEVOTION boiler is the fruit of senior product quality and superior manufacturing technology. The raw materials are supplied by professional manufacturers and can be adopted only after demanding qualification testing. The risk is controlled at the phase of raw materials selection.

DEVOTION has been actively improves production process, promote manufacturing techniques and perfect product quality.  Through upgrading and transformation of the existing manufacturing technology, DEVOTION has introduced the modern manufacturing technology for boiler and use the highly automated welding robot, and precise machining to realize the high automation, which prevents the shortcomings that the manual welding precision is insufficient. While improving the efficiency, the promotion on product quality is also realized.

Devotion gas boiler for space heating

III. Inspection

DEVOTION has dedicated inspection devices and professional inspection team which can undertake visual inspection, welding seam structure inspection and material’s physicochemical characteristics in order to guarantee the quality.  The inspection team at DEVOTION is subjected to professional training and take qualification test before embarking on boiler inspection. DEVOTION, to perform in-line inspection, avails not only conventional inspection devices like X-Ray detector, but also other advanced devices such as infrared distance gauge and three-dimensional gauge to strictly control quality.  Every step of boiler production is under strict quality. Before ex-works, each boiler is tested for combustion performance to check safe operation and combustion efficiency, ensure the goods delivered to the user are of senior quality and can run safely.

IV. Installation safety

Generally, Devotion is not responsible for on-site installation.  Devotion strongly suggest that the customer hire professional installer to take the job and Devotion will provide guidance per customer’s request.

V. Operation and management safety

After-services staff of Devotion is all well trained and experienced. They provide training to the boiler operators on how to run a boiler properly, how and when to maintain a boiler, and what to do in case of emergency.

Lately, Devotion avails IOL(internet of things) technology to help customers manage boilers. With assistance of Devotion IOL, customers have better understanding of boiler structure, how boiler works and do’s and don’ts In case of any problem during the operation, the operator can refer to “Trouble-Shooting” for solutions rapidly. IOL integrate fast consultancy and communication to facilitate customers reaching Devotion Staff.

Any question about Devotion boiler, write to us: or visit us on:

Devotion Boiler at ISH

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