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brief introduction

Condensing Commercial Boiler, configurated with stainless steel heat exchanger.High efficiency over 105%,Smaller capacity, 60KW/500KW/600KW/1050KW for each single unit.Flexibly cascaded up to 4200Kw Remarkably small footprint. Good for swimming pools, inns, gym or fitness centers, hotels, heating for district, schools etc.

Product Details

  Condensing Gas Boiler For Business Has The Following Advantages  

  • Full Premix Combustion Technology
  • Heat Efficiency exceed 105%
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Low NOx emission≤30mg/Nm3
  • Remarkable small footprint, good for tight space
  • Easy to install, easy to move, simple to operate
  • Flexible cascade, capacity from 60KW to 4200KW

gas fired central heating boilers

A. Smaller footage

4200KW-6T, only 6M2  

B. Long service life

Stainless steel heat exchanger, better anti-corrosion

C. Smaller noise

Operating noise<45db

D. More energy-effective

Heat efficiency>105%

E. Environment-sound


F. Flexible combination


G. Simpler control

Smart control system

  Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger  

  • Stainless steel spiral plate type heat exchanger
  • Evenly rounded a spiral cycle, this enlarges heat exchanging surface
  • Counter flow of water and smoke can maximize heat transfer
  • Heat exchanger is arranged along the temperature of smoke to form fully premix layer and high temperature layer
  • Air forced circulation, making use of air from outdoor to facilitate firing
  • Self cleaning

Stainless Heat Exchangers for Condensing Boilers

  Variable frequency blower + stainless steel metal mesh burner  

  • Full premix combustion technology to realize super low NOx emission(NOx≤30mg/Nm3)
  • Counter flow plus radiating heat exchanging, result in higher heat exchanging efficiency
  • Complete combustion with very small access air coefficient.

Burner for Condensing Boilers

  Cutting-edge Condensing Technology  

Multiple energy savings       

  • Saving energy by innovative structure

Dual cores turbine heat exchanging technology to achieve 360 degree heat exchanging, larger heating exchanging surface

Innovative condensing heat exchanger, different from down-stream layout of conventional boiler, to increase rated efficiency by 17%

  • Saving energy by combustion

100% full premix combustion technology to enable air and fuel gas fully premixed before getting into combustion chamber

  • Saving energy by operation

Modulating the firing to meet the load demand, to make the boilers capacity adjusted from 2.5% to 100% per demand. This maintains the optimum ratio of fuel and air and prevents the boilers from stop/start frequently, which contributes to remarkably prolonged service life, and reduces heat loss. The overall operating efficiency will be improved by over 15% .

  Optimized Control System  

Control Panel for Gas Condensing Boilers

  • Real time reading operating parameter including temp. pressure, flow, heat, motorized motor status, circulating pump status etc.
  • Supervises operating status of system equipment
  • Real-time monitors over the system heat consumption, make-up water volume and fuel consumption.
  • Stores system operating parameter as reference for operation management.
  • Sets limit values on operating parameter for initiating alarm. In case of one abnormal parameter, the operating system will initiate alarm signal and form alert message for operation management to refer and deal with.
  • Set climate compensation curve to facilitate control system to adjust operation fast and timely subject to working conditions in order to keep the heating system safe, stable, energy-saving and efficiently.

Remote Control for Gas Condensing Boilers


Just like building blocks, to combine Gas Boilers together and get the heat load needed. Simple, easy, and reliable. 

Technical Specification For Gas Commercial Boilers

Standard model for single Gas Goiler


Model for cascade of Gas Boilers

120 / 240 / 360 / 1000 / 1200 / 1400 / 1800 /

2000 / 2100 / 2400 / 3000 / 3500 / 4000 / 4200

Product features

Simple to install, easy to move, small footprint

When the temperature below 60℃, can be vented with PVC

Capable of boiler cascade, big capacity of boiler can be installed in the basement, on the roof and outdoor.




  Full Premix Condensing Gas Boiler Technical Specification  

Technical Specification For Gas Commercial Boilers

Technical Specification For Gas Commercial Boilers

Technical Specification For Gas Commercial Boilers

Technical Specification For Gas Commercial Boilers

Technical Specification For Gas Commercial Boilers

Remarks:  by monitoring heating subject to demand in the room, the modular boilers can automatically turn off parts of the load in order to keep the system working most cost-effectively.

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