Low-temperature ambient air source heat pump (cold water) unit

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brief introduction
The use of Schneider® and other internationally renowned brands of electrical components makes the equipment more stable and safer to operate.
Suitable for residential and office premises with only 220V supply voltage.
Product Details

Feature of Low-temperature ambient air source heat pump (cold water) unit

Energy efficient

  • Adopting heat source heat pump technology to absorb free air energy and convert it into indoor heat, which is more efficient and energy-saving.
  •  When the variable water temperature control mode is adopted, the system will automatically adjust the outlet water temperature to reach the optimum indoor temperature, which is more energy-efficient.

Beautiful and clean
  •  The floor heating pipe is laid under the floor. The floor heating adopts radiant heat transfer. The heat rises slowly from the foot. It is quieter without dust, and does not occupy indoor use area. The environment is more clean and fresh.
  •  The heat source is set outdoors and it is quieter

Technical data of Low-temperature Ambient Air Source Heat Pump (cold water) unit

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