WNS Series Gas Fired Pressurized Hot Water Boilers

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brief introduction
Devotion WNS Series Gas Fired Pressurized Hot Water Boilers is mature constructure of 3 pass firetube and the capacity of 0.35WM-14WM and the temperature of 95/70 and widely use in industry production.
Product Details

Application of Pressurized Hot Water Boiler 

  •  Heating: Provide heating source for radiators, central air-conditioning, floor heating, etc.
  • Industry Users: Heating oil pipe, hot air curtain for industrial plant.
  •  Recreation: together with water-water exchanger, provide hot water for swimming pool, saunas, beatuty salons.
  •  Aquaculture: winter seafood, fish, shrimp etc

WNS Series Pressurized Hot Water Boiler Features:

  •  Gas fired Pressurized Hot Water Boiler construction is tried and tested three-pass and wet-back structure, more safe and reliable
  •  Big combustion room design: increase furnace radiant heating area, decrease the boiler size, educe the emission of the Nox
  •  Corrugated hearth make the boiler safe
  •  Threaded tube: strengthen the heat transfer, increase the boiler heat efficiency
  •  Multi-level sealing for flue gas chamber: no flue gas leakage
  • Boiler controller system can run for a long time under high temperature and high humidity condition
  • Multi-level protections like boiler pressure, hot water temperature, gas pressure protection and so on
  •  High efficient thermal insulation material, low boiler surface temperature, the heat loss can be neglected
  •  Produce according to the national standard, all pressurized components apply fine quality steel
  •  Every boiler must be subject to strict inspection and testing before delivery, including hydraulic text and x-ray inspection
  •  Selecting the most suitable burner to match the boiler so as to guarantee safety and reach rated output.
  •  All components, such as pumps, valves are limited to choose international or national renowed-brands.
  • Introducing manhole and handhole: maintenance is convenient
  • Customer-tailored design is available
  •  An Economizer (Devotion Brand) is optional and possible to save 15% fuel , decrease noise 20Db.

                                                       Technical Data of WNS Series Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler

 Install Dimension of WNS  Series Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler 

Recommended data for hot water boiler thermal load

Gas Fire Hot Water Boiler

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