ZWNS Integral Condensing Vacuum Boilers

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brief introduction

Devotion Condensing Vacuum Boilers:

  • Integral, compact, three-pass structured.
  • Built-in economizer.
  • Heat efficiency exceeds 96%.

Product Details

A Vacuum Condensing Hot Water Boiler, can meet demand for heating and hot water simultaneously. Water temperature can be adjusted per request.

Widely used for central heating and hot water on commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals and university.

How does it work?

Water boiling temperature varies under different pressure. Under negative pressure, water within boilers, after absorbing the heat, produce low temperature steam which up flow and heat recycled water going through the heat exchanging tubes. The steam then condensate into liquid water and are re-heated. eating-vaporating-condensating cycle keeps going on within the boiler.

For Vacuum Condensing Steam Boilers, recycled water first go through condenser of smoke heat-exchanging system to decrease exhaust flue temperature, steam contained in the flue condensates and release heat thereafter, heat absorbed and heat efficiency thus improved.

Integral Condensing Vacuum Boilers



A boiler can go with groups of heat exchangers used for different purposes, which remarkably reduce the complexity and investment, too.

Copper tube heat-exchangers

Heat transfer of anti-corrosive copper tubes is far better than stainless steel ones. Copper tubes joints are apt to expand better and maintain vacuum for a long time.

Digital display of pressure

Digital display delivers more accurateness, safety and lucidness.


Multi-protections of temperature, pressure, water level and mechanical anti-explosion. Even if all protection controllers fails, mechanical anti-explosion can discharge pressure in order to keep boiler running safely.

Two pack coating insulation

Insulation materials adhered directly to boiler body to have perfect insulating performance, heat loss is minimal so to save fuel.

Intelligent control system, high efficiency and safety

The highly intelligent control system enables automatic ignition, combustions, load adjustment, continuous water feeding and safe running


Tried and tested sacrificial anodes protection method is used to protect the boiler body from corrosion and prolong service life.

Maintain vacuum

Well-known brand vacuumizer automatically starts working once vacuum drops to maintain high vacuum degree, and thus accomplish energy-saving.

Dismountable heat exchanger chamber

Heat exchanger chamber was locked by high pressure resistant blind flanges at both ends, which can be dismounted to allow easy access to copper tubes for convenient maintenance.

Condenser made from ND steels

Condenser made from ND steels characterizes anti-corrosion, long service life. It can recover waste heat in smoke, thus improve heat efficiency and save fuel.

Helium leak detecting

Helium leak detector is used to inspect every weld and instrument connection to guarantee reliable vacuum.

Easy operation, energy saving

Easy setting thanks to simple human-computer interface. Unmanned guarding is realized. Fully automatic adjusting combustion subject to load can largely reduce operational cost.

Condensing Vacuum Boiler Technical Data

Condensing Vacuum Boiler Technical Data

Condensing Vacuum Boilers Installation Dimension

Condensing Vacuum Boilers Installation Dimension

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